European Federation of Biotechnology

Established by European scientists in 1978, the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) is Europe’s non-profit federation of National Biotechnology Associations, Learned Societies, Universities, Scientific Institutes, Biotech Companies and individual biotechnologists working to promote biotechnology throughout Europe and beyond. With 108 Institutional members from across Europe and 13.500 personal members, the EFB has 14 Regional Branch Offices in Europe to support its activities in the various areas of biotechnology covered by the Federation. BioProsperity is the recognized RBO of EFB for Greece. The mission of EFB is to promote the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of the life sciences, to promote research and innovation at the cutting edge of biotechnology, to provide a forum for interdisciplinary and international cooperation, to improve scientific education and to facilitate an informed dialogue between scientists and the public.


BIOCORIN project will identify microorganisms most suitable to counteract the fouling and Microbial Induced Corrosion threats in civil infrastructures affected by these phenomena under different types of conditions. Instead of purifying the bioactive compounds from organisms or synthesize the chemical compounds, the technology will use latent microorganisms that directly act secreting the required antifouling or anti-MIC compound when needed, once this kind of corrosion starts. Optimum and homogenous reaction conditions will be studied for the production of BIOCORIN antifouling compounds and to design an adequate industrial fermentation process. A consistent product quality be will be aimed by minimizing microbial stress exposure and enhancing metabolic accuracy of the process. Suitable strategies for processes and facilities will be designed by a comprehensive and detailed process characterization, identifying the most relevant process parameters that influence both product yield and quality.


BioProsperity has play a key role in the formation in 2011 of CorinGreen, an innovative green biotech start up. The newly formed company’s vision is to construct the 1st green biotech refinery of SE Europe capable of production of certified plant enzymes from organic agricultural products, and become the recognized regional industry leader of green biotechnology by its clients and alliance networks.